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Leading the world through innovation, with customers spread across 100 countries

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Green Initiative/3R’s - Recycle, Reduce, Reuse

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Armed with ISO 9001, 14001, 22000 and HACCP certifications

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Spread across 4 continents, manufacturing in India, UAE, Egypt and Mexico

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An extensive network of state-of-the-art infrastructure, an experienced team and world-class systems, policies and procedures.

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Chairman's Vision


Welcome to UFLEX - a world of complete flexible packaging solutions created with you at the centre.

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With you at the centre we conceptualized an enterprise that has taken us to strategic locations across the globe so that you find us closer in terms of ideas, markets, challenges, solutions and services. Today, we are available for you just around the corner, around the world.

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Putting you at the centre has also helped us evolve a corporate culture, flexible enough to respond to your demands and accommodate your needs. It has helped us to adapt our global industry insights to create solutions that keep your goals in focus. So across the world, you will find dealing with us as comfortable as with your local partner, yet backed with the formidable technological know-how of global players.

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Thinking of you has made us invest in the best inputs on the entire range of the flexible packaging spectrum. It also helps us offer the right mix of competencies from the entire range of possibilities on the flexible packaging spectrum, so that you get precisely what you need, whenever you need it. All this has added up to an edge that gives you access to not only the perfect product but also the complete process consultancy. This helps you derive the maximum mileage out of the products that we engineer for you. It's a distinction that can be brought to you only by the people who know every link of the flexible packaging chain inside out.

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So bring us a flexible packaging challenge and take back a relationship – a relationship with an unparalleled competitive and innovative edge.

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