New Product Launches

FlexFilms is the global film manufacturing arm of India’s largest multinational flexible packaging solutions company, Uflex Limited. With State-of-the-Art film manufacturing facilities in all the 4 major continents Asia, Europe, North America and Africa our cumulative production capacity stands in excess of 337,000 MT Per Annum !!!

On the Timeline


Web Metalized Surface Inspection System

The Web Metalized Surface Inspection System is an optical surface inspection and defect classification system for FLEXMETPROTECTTM. It comprises smart line scan cameras measuring and analyzing the size and shape of any and every defect real time. The Web Metalized Surface Inspection System checks the entire web and allows for rapid and accurate detection of defects.

F-STF Ultra Soft Super Durable BOPET Film

F-STF film has an engineered-micro surface texture giving a unique and luxurious feel. Suitable as a outer web in many packaging laminations, F-STF film gives brand owners a new capability in the production of consumer centric packaging. The backside of F-STF is easily printable with traditional converter inks or new digital print technologies.

High Bond and Barrier Metallized Polyester Film

Metallized polyester films are increasing in popularity for imparting high barrier properties to laminated flexible packaging structures. However, it has been often experienced that poor adhesion of metal with the base polyester film can result in laminate failure, thereby decreasing product performance.