CMD's Vision

Mr. Ashok Chaturvedi

Founder, Chairman & Managing Director

UFlex Limited

The values of an organization are the basic pillars that guide, shape and influence its behaviour and actions.

The world perceives and responds to an organization based on the way it goes about conducting its business. In that sense, values as such determine how the organization conducts itself internally as well as responds to external stakeholders.

We at UFlex, since our inception, have worked with a set of values that have transcended the barriers of time and continue to inspire us. While we have always imbibed these values, let me articulate what ethos would always define our actions, our practices and our conduct.

Trust and Respect
Customer Value Creation
Global Perspective
Speed in all directions
Socio-Environmental Sustainability

These six values are inextricably linked to our core business goal of exceeding customer expectations and being global citizens. Above all, they are about being human in everything we do – respecting and caring, even in the toughest of business situations.

To make these values relevant and meaningful in our day-to-day operations, these need to be consistently communicated and reflected upon internally so that they are lived and breathed by each one of us as we take Flex Films towards the pinnacle of the packaging films industry.