Innovation is the BUZZ Word @ Flex Films!

Innovation to create value added differentiation is our raison d'être!

At Flex Films you will get a solution that is customized for you. No two substrates that we manufacture are likely to be the same. We ensure that the science of film making delectably compliments the art of converting much to your delight and advantage. Our engineers have a keen eye for detail to address issues such as packaging functionality, aesthetics, barrier properties, brand protection, sustainability among others. In response to these pivotal issues, we have categorized our films in different zones. No matter what your end goal is, we have a film for you!!!


Going Green is a Way of Life at Flex Films! Sustainability is at the heart of our business strategy and cascades all the way down to our processes and products. Forest Region reaffirms our commitment towards ecological equilibrium showcasing our marquee products that are a tangible contribution towards ‘Circular Economy’.

F-UPR Film

F-PGL Film


F-PLX Film


Farm Region represents comprehensive substrate replacement opportunities for converters and end-users. New ideas mooted here will spur a lot of good discussion about the real art and science of converting!

NOTE- Three grades in this area have one or multiple global patent applications assignable to Flex Films.

F-ISB Film

F-HSP Film

F-PCR Film

F-CLR-M Film


Hills Region showcases films that are a ‘Real Shot in the Arm’ for converters and brands alike. These films bring instant convenience and enhance the usability and functionality of packaging. Unimaginably unique laminate structures can be engineered with the use of these materials.

F-ETF Film

F-ESC Film

F-ESB Film

F-CSP Film


Swamp Region is an ode to high gas barrier materials that offer end-users improved freshness and date code extensions – A big step contributing towards the raison d'être of flexible packaging!

F-PGX Film

F-MES Film

F-TST/M Film

F-UHB Film


Desert Region is your window to niche films. Here you will get unique ideas about applications best suited for the type of packaging you are developing.

F-IST/M Film

F-XLR Film

F-PAP film

F-TST Film


Your search for films with striking visual appeal that is potent enough to render unmatched brand appeal evoking a ‘WOW’ for Consumer Package Goods ends at our City Region.

F-PDP Film

F-WUF Film

F-STF Film

F-MAT Film