Our Policy


We, Flex Films in our quest to become the most preferred film supplier in the world, resolve:

  • To instill utmost faith and trust in our clients by consistently manufacturing products meeting their requirements, while simultaneously conforming to highest quality standards;
  • To collaborate with our clients and deliver materials to them Just-in-Time wherever they need;
  • To adopt the most modern and efficient technology in order to offer our clients value for money;
  • To continually improve our performance and delivering innovation to create value added differentiation.


We at Flex Films stand committed towards Environmental Sustainability with all our business practices aimed at supporting the ‘Circular Economy’ through our philosophy of REDUCE – REUSE- RECYCLE! We do this by:

  • Optimizing the use of renewable resources.
  • Maximizing post-consumer recyclate.
  • Reducing production waste.
  • Reprocessing production waste.
  • Using non-recyclable waste to produce energy.
  • Optimizing energy consumption


Being the Global Film Manufacturing Arm of India’s largest multinational flexible packaging materials and Solution Company, we at Flex Films remain committed towards sustainability:

Reduction at source and Down-gauging is a cult at Uflex. We consciously make conscious and sustained R&D efforts to down-gauge the polymeric substrates that lead to light-weighting of laminates. We have successfully developed plain/heat sealable BOPP films as thin as 8 micron; BOPET films with 6.5 micron thickness and heat sealable 12 micron metallized BOPP films that are suitable for printing and lamination. These films possess comparable machinability parameters to conventionally thicker films and provide significant source reduction ranging from 33% to 47%. These films have much lower carbon foot-print than the films they replace.

We have recently engineered 9.5 micron PET ALOx transparent film which is the thinnest coated film ever and has enhanced barrier properties with WVTR and OTR both significantly less than 1.

FlexfreshTM film that we have developed for keeping freshness of fresh produce intact is a biodegradable (by composting) film working on Active Modified Atmospheric Packaging technology. Upholding our commitment towards circular economy, we have developed a technology for reprocessing the waste arising out of production of various flexible packaging products. This helps in reduction of material waste at the landfills underscoring the importance that we ascribe to environment and sustainability.

These are just some of the very many ways in which
we support environmental sustainability!

At Flex Films innovation and sustainability go hand in hand keeping the ‘GREEN’ Promise by Optimizing the use of renewable resources; Maximizing post-consumer recyclate; Reducing production waste; Reprocessing production waste; Using non-recyclable waste to produce energy and optimizing energy consumption.


Eco-Friendly Polyester films GREEN PET and POST CONSUMER WASTE RECYCLED PET FILM - rPET by Flex Films echo the company's "GREEN" promise.

Green Packaging Films to Create a Circular Economy

Flex Films has been offering an entire range of PCR grade film having upto 100% post-consumer recycled PET content under the brand name Asclepius™. These PCR film derived from post-consumer PET bottle waste have the same attributes and uses, as its twin substrate made out of fossil fuel.

FlexFilm’s Asclepius™ film technology is a family of plain, treated, coated, high barrier and heat-sealable BOPET films based on upto 100% Post consumer waste recycled (PCR) PET Resin. This film represents a 75% reduction in carbon footprint and comes with enhanced sustainability and significantly lower net energy requirement for production when compared to virgin BOPET grades.

Asclepius™ is the only upto 100% PCR BOPET film that has received the prestigious ‘Kingfisher’ Certification from SCS Global Services. This certification corroborates to its customers and to the flexible films market, the integrity of its supply chain and claims regarding PCR based film technology.Customers have started using these films in a range of packaging and labelling applications in order to help consumer brands achieve sustainability goals faster.

Back to the basics

Made from PTA and GREEN MEG resin, wherein PTA is manufactured by Oxidation of p-xylene while GREEN MEG is manufactured from Ethanol obtained from Agro based source. This film does not contain any MEG which is conventionally made through the crude oil route. Green MEG is made from renewable source, and GREEN PET film contains 30% of GREEN MEG.

The film is FDA approved and adheres to EC Food Compliance Guidelines, making it absolutely safe for food contact, at the same time, maintaining the same qualities as that of natural PET film made from MEG which is derived from crude oil, with environment friendly characteristics.

For a better tomorrow

Made from POST CONSUMER WASTE RECYCLED (PCR) RESIN i.e. material previously used by consumers and recycled for use in a new product. rPET contains upto 30% of PCR resin obtained by tertiary chemical glycosis route.

rPET is US FDA approved, EU compliant and is safe for food contact. It offers the same performance and properties like standard polyester films, while being environment friendly. The substrate is available in various thicknesses and widths.