As part of a group that believes in absolute standard of quality, innovation and service, FlexFilms enjoys the largest market share of PET Films in Russia. We are determined to continue the tradition, offering nothing short of the best to our customers that facilitate their business and sustainability goals.

Junaid Iqbal Khan
General Director - FlexFilms Russia

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FlexFilms Russia


Polymeric Films that offer Co-existence of Sustainability & Excellence

Key Highlights

  • One 8.7 meter wide Biaxially Oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate (BOPET) Film Line with a capacity of 30,000 TPA
  • One line of 2.5 meter wide plasma enhanced avant-garde metallizer with a capacity of 6,000 TPA

The Office

  • Address: 142821, Russia, Moscow region, Stupino district, Shmatovo village, Industrialnaya street, 33
  • Phone: +7 495 643 11 94
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